Meet Jae

Daughter. Sister. Friend. Athlete. Fanatic of sports, there is no denying my genetic makeup. I come from a strong family of athletes, coaches and sports enthusiast. My father is a coach and trains athletes. He is known to many as “The Speed Guy”. My mother grew up playing sports and at one time was an athletic trainer. My grandfathers, uncles, aunts and cousins have either played, coached or both from the primary level all the way to the collegiate level. I even have one family member that plays in the NBA.

Although I love all sports, my true passion is the game of basketball. I have dedicated most of my 16 years of life on this earth to the game. I believe it is my calling.

Not only do I define myself as an athlete, but I claim the title of “Dreamer”. You will find a long list of my dreams in a notebook. Some are your typical dreams and some may seem crazy. I even have a few dreams that would make most say “that’s never going to happen”! But, I believe it my heart they will.

In attempting to make my dreams come true I set goals for myself. I set goals for basketball, school and even everyday life. I try hard to achieve each goal to the best of my ability.

In order to achieve my goals and dreams, I believe it is an absolute must to live life with a good set of morals and standards. A huge standard I live by is living a positive life. Finding the positive of every situation can be very difficult, but it makes for a happier life.

Being myself is another philosophy I live by. I can’t express enough how unique and beautiful every single person is. We all bring something great to the table so why not use and share your uniqueness with others?

Another important principle I live by is to value each other. If we all lived by this principle, then being mean to others would cease to exist. It really bothers me to hear people talk poorly about others. Even worse are those who go along with it. Not only are people mean to others, but there is a tendency for us females to be mean to ourselves. It makes me sad to hear girls talking poorly about themselves. Just think what you would contribute to the world if you embraced how special you are.

So, do me a favor and think of yourself in a little brighter light each day.

One last thing you should know about me is I love life! And, I like living it to the fullest! I want you to love it and live it to it’s fullest, too. Today, I am inviting you to join me and together let’s take this journey they call “LIFE” to a whole new level!

Much Lovemuch love,

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