Meet Jae


 Daughter. Sister. Friend. Athlete. Life Enthusiast. Shoot most importantly I am a college student that is just trying to live everyday with a positive twist.

Life can get hard and stressful but that is why I have dedicated myself to helping others see the beauty of their own lives. Thats the goal! We all go through hard times and I want to bring share with you my life to help you see that you are not alone.

Life is so amazing and filled with opportunity for you to reach your goals. Stop the excuses and go after them. You were put on this earth to do something special and I truly believe that, but the key to reaching your max potential is for you to believe in YOU! Be your biggest fan and reach those goals. I will be right here cheering you on.

So what do you say? Come along with me as we challenge our amazing selves to ultimately reaching our goals!

Much Love,




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