My Fitness Journey

As a basketball player and overall fitness enthusiast, I love to workout. My family is very athletic, so playing sports is in my blood.

Strength training is something I really enjoy. It is also necessary for me because of my disadvantages. I am five foot two and entering my junior year of high school. I have always been the smallest player on every team I’ve played on. Most of the time I was one of the physically weaker kids, my advantage was speed. I have been taught since a young age that I am at a disadvantage with other players because of my height and strength. I had to learn how to not use my size as an excuse.

This is what I did…

• Worked on my ball handling.
• Focused on my overall game.
• Improved my strength.

While I was working hard, my teammates and opponents were growing and maturing. Unfortunately, I was not. By the time my eight grade year was over, I was approaching five feet and let me tell you there were not many five foot players who played varsity. However, this didn’t discourage my goal of starting varsity as a freshman.

I knew if I wanted to compete with varsity athletes I needed to be stronger. During the summer of my freshman year, I put a huge focus on my strength training. I strength trained three times a week. It worked and I accomplished my goal. To this day I strength train an average of four times a week not only because I need to maintain my level of play with other players, but because I love doing it.

That brings me to the point of this post and that point is how to become stronger. Throughout the month if September I will be posting my workouts, meals, and fitness tips. I am inviting you to train a long side me and join me in My Fitness Journey. Starting today, September 1, I have three exercises that I want to focus and improve on before the end of the month.

Here are my focus exercises:

• Number of pushups I can complete in a row.
• Improve weight on the clean.
• Improve weight on the dead lift.

You now know mine, what are yours?

Join me in this fitness journey and let’s become stronger. Send me your workout, meals or fitness questions you may have. I would love to correspond and find out how your workouts are going.

Happy Lifting!

Much love,
Jae Taft

PS – Here are my current maxes:
Deadlift: 140 lbs.
Clean: 105 lbs.
Push-ups in a row: 16

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