Girls Don’t Let Girls Run Slow

I want to share with you a new movement I am starting, “Girls Don’t Let Girls Run Slow”.

It has absolutely zero to do with athletic ability. It simply means, as girls, we need to have each others backs.

There are many girls who are struggling somewhere in their life. We need to do all we can to uplift each other by stepping in and lending a hand.

Stop the Drama

One of the biggest problems that cause negative feelings towards each other is drama. Just being in the high school atmosphere you see a lot of it. I have personally witness negative drama ruin friendships, cause tension between individuals who don’t know much about each other, and turn people against one another. Doesn’t drama seem awful? To be honest with you I really don’t like it. The reason being is 99% of the drama that goes on won’t matter within a short period of time. I know this might be hard because you can easily become caught up in the moment, but lets think about how big the issue is compared to the effects it might have later down the road.

Help a Struggling Peer

It is very import ant to be there for one another. When you see a girl struggling, even if it is just a simple math problem, let her know you are there to help even if you are having trouble figuring it out yourself. If you see girl being bullied, then stand up for her and be there for support. Make peers aware they can talk to you about anything and you will be there to listen.

Follow the Right Crowd

One very important message I want to stress and address is if you see a female peer going off on the wrong path by following the wrong coward and experimenting with drugs, alcohol, or any unhealthy choice, then be there to guide her back onto the right path.

Just think about it….if you were struggling, being bullied or starting to follow the wrong path would you want someone to be there for you?

Let’s forget about the clicks and the popularity. I believe we need to pick others up around us. Help one another and be there for each other. Make each other feel good about themselves. I’m not saying you have to be the best of friends. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be friendly to one other.

Girls, don’t let girls run slow!

Much Lovemuch love,

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  1. Jae-

    My name is Chelsea Suitos and I am on the University of Arizona softball team. Rob Harris is my strength coach and showed us your blog. It’s very inspiring to see such a young woman with these mature aspirations. Stay empowered and keep standing up for what’s right! Best of luck to you in the future and let us know if you ever need anything.


    Chelsea Suitos

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