Mini Workout

Day 7 – Mini Workout

For today’s workout I decided to do more body weight exercises. My workout consisted of completing a ten minute 40/20. A 40/20 is where you perform your exercise for forty seconds followed by a rest of twenty seconds.

The exercises I performed were…
1. Reverse crunches
2. Alternate leg raises
3. Push-ups
4. Side planks
5. Frontal plank
6. Sideway leg raises

I did repeat some of these exercises.

You can choose any exercise you want. Tonight, I will do another round because these are quick exercises and I will still be getting a good workout. To switch some of the exercises up, I will add squats with a mini band around my knees and bat wings which work your rhomboids.

I suggest these types of workouts if you don’t have much time or if you don’t feel like lifting heavy weights.

There you go… my workout for the day!

Much Lovemuch love,

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