“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” -William Shakespeare

Over the years, I have heard so many comments people have made about me and my height. If only I had a dollar for every comment made, I would be a rich girl!

The comments usually made go something like this: “She is too short to play high level basketball” or “She is to small to even consider playing at the next level”? A short comment even come from past teammate. Once, while giving some rebounding pointers to this particular person, she told me she was not taking advice from someone shorter than herself. As if being short meant you were incompetent on knowing how to rebound.

Having only reached 5’1” so far, I have always been the smallest and shortest one on my team. But, that’s never stopped me from playing or giving it my all.

My mother once told me, you are always going to be short and small, so you have to figure out how to play big!

Here is how I have overcome being short:

1. I have worked extremely hard on my ball handling skills so no one could touch me. Over the years I have spent a lot of time in my basement and garage dribbling the basketball perfecting my ball handle skills.

2. When I make a mistake, I never use the excuse I am too small to play. During the summer before my freshman year of high school I worked extremely hard on strength training so I could compete better with bigger, stronger varsity athletes.

3. I continued to work towards my goal and ended up the starting varsity point guard and I was only a freshman.

4. Today, I continue to constantly work on my ball handling, shooting and strength training so I can keep raising my game and not use my height as an excuse.

My story is very important to me and I know there are many more who have faced a bigger challenges than mine. I would love for you to share your story. I am very sure it help someone else trying to overcome some obstacle. If you felt led to share your story, please leave me a message below.

Much Lovemuch love,

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