Be Yourself

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

It is very important to always be yourself.

It is equally as important to believe in yourself.

The Problem

I’m consistently see girls who lack self-confidence. I am here to let you know you are beautiful and awesome the way you are. I can’t stress this enough!

You should always embrace who you are by being strong and showing the world what you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd and do what’s right or what makes you happy. Don’t participant in activities that feel wrong or make you unhappy. Don’t act like someone you are not and don’t let a friend sway you to do something that’s not you.

If you struggle with confidence, then now is the time to take control and take action in discovering who you are. You may be thinking, “Jae, that is easier said than done”. Well, I am here to tell you by taking a few beginner steps toward believing in yourself, you can conquer your lack of self.

Let’s Begin by Being Yourself

I challenge you to write at least five character traits that make you who you are. It can be a personality trait, a physical feature, your taste in fashion, a sport or activity, a goal, etc. After you write out your list, step back and read it again. Begin to embrace who you are and own it. Be proud of your uniqueness and be positive about what you like.

I would really love for you to share your uniqueness with me. Posting your best qualities can help spark others to think about their own. You can tweet me @ JAE_Blog, email them to me, or leave them as a comment below. I will be posting mine to twitter and this blog.

Really take the time to think about what makes you and embrace it.

If you take anything from this just challenge I would hope that you understand “You” are who defines who you are, not anyone else.

Just be “You”!

Much Lovemuch love,

Thing that make up me:
1. My love for basketball and working out
2. I’m outgoing and Positive
3. I love setting goals and having dreams
4. My love for fashion
5. my appetite is rather large

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“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” -William Shakespeare

Over the years, I have heard so many comments people have made about me and my height. If only I had a dollar for every comment made, I would be a rich girl!

The comments usually made go something like this: “She is too short to play high level basketball” or “She is to small to even consider playing at the next level”? A short comment even come from past teammate. Once, while giving some rebounding pointers to this particular person, she told me she was not taking advice from someone shorter than herself. As if being short meant you were incompetent on knowing how to rebound.

Having only reached 5’1” so far, I have always been the smallest and shortest one on my team. But, that’s never stopped me from playing or giving it my all.

My mother once told me, you are always going to be short and small, so you have to figure out how to play big!

Here is how I have overcome being short:

1. I have worked extremely hard on my ball handling skills so no one could touch me. Over the years I have spent a lot of time in my basement and garage dribbling the basketball perfecting my ball handle skills.

2. When I make a mistake, I never use the excuse I am too small to play. During the summer before my freshman year of high school I worked extremely hard on strength training so I could compete better with bigger, stronger varsity athletes.

3. I continued to work towards my goal and ended up the starting varsity point guard and I was only a freshman.

4. Today, I continue to constantly work on my ball handling, shooting and strength training so I can keep raising my game and not use my height as an excuse.

My story is very important to me and I know there are many more who have faced a bigger challenges than mine. I would love for you to share your story. I am very sure it help someone else trying to overcome some obstacle. If you felt led to share your story, please leave me a message below.

Much Lovemuch love,

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E is for Enough Effort?

When you hear the word “effort”, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is “how much work have I put into something”. Effort can really define you as an athlete. It can define you as a person. It can really impress a coach or it can really disappoint a coach.

Everyone gives effort. Some give more than others. Some give effort when they feel like it and some give effort all the time.

If you really want to be the athlete you say you want to be, then you must give good effort all the time and to your fullest capability. Like the old saying goes…”Give 110% all the time”.

Coaches notice more than you think. They will be able to pick out those athletes that give a ton of effort all the time and they will notice which athletes give effort only some of the time.

Learning to give effort as an athletes can transfer over to your everyday life. When things get hard in school or everyday life, do you push through to do your best or do you just do enough to get by?

There have been times when I have been guilty of not given full effort, especially when it comes to school. Have you found this to be true with you? Have you found yourself to tired to study for a test, not feeling like going the extra mile work on a skill, or thinking a certain assignment is simply to hard to even learn. Bottom line is, we have to continuously remind ourselves that we will get through the difficulties and we have to work hard at it!

I have an idea. Why don’t we set a challenge for ourselves this week. How much effort can we give? Let’s set a goal and give it more effort than we every have. And, let’s just not apply it to sports. Let’s apply to everyday life.

Much Lovemuch love,

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